CAVEA Wine Cellar: Style and performance with zero compromise

A custom design adapted to your needs, CAVEA is the best in class of modern, glass-walled cellars. It meets the highest standards of wine preservation while blending beautifully with any decor.


CAVEA custom systems are engineered to provide superior protection against temperature fluctuations, air drying and odours. The glass panels are assembled with unparalleled precision, making the system absolutely watertight.

Each element is perfectly integrated to guarantee that the cellar is hermetic and to ensure the protection of the bottles in it. Cavea systems offer your collection the best possible aging conditions.

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The unique structure of the CAVEA One system provides a full surface display, concealed under a discreet black silk-screen print, without compromising on performance. The Cavea One highlights the purity and elegance of the glass.

The CAVEA One features a full glass front for a sleek, modern design with no visible frame.


The traditional aluminum frame of the CAVEA A61 system is highly customizable. It can be perfectly integrated into your decor, whether it is modern or traditional. The slim and discreet 61 mm frame adds a creative touch to your design.


Protection from light

Complete protection against all harmful effects of light with a set of radiation and UV filters.

Perfect Seal

A wine cellar completely insulated from the outside with its 21 different profiles.


Allows for unlimited creativity with endless configurations and colors.


The engineered glass offers a thermal resistance of R8, more than 10X higher than a single 12 mm glass.

Sizes and Configurations

Various configurations and sizes are available. Create a modern and exclusive look.


Turnkey service with complete and precise installation of your wine cellar.

Invisible Protection

It is well known that light has a negative effect on wine and impedes its preservation. The glass used to design the CAVEA systems was developed specifically to protect the wine and to counter the effects of light in a wine cellar.

It is made up of multiple filters layered in a very precise order. This combination creates a clear glass capable of blocking all harmful effects of light on the wine while, making your collection clearly visible.


With or without frame, the CAVEA glass enclosure can blend harmoniously into any space. Its two-inch-thick glass walls, secured by thin aluminum profiles, conceal one or more doors with continuous handles and hinges to ensure complete watertightness.

This combination meets the current trend for a maximized glass surface that does not compromise storage conditions. Its simplicity makes it adaptable to any changing decor, aging as well as the bottles it protects.


The 51 mm thermo-glass used in the CAVEA system features an insulation value of R8. Its unique composition provides up to 10 times the thermal resistance of 12 mm single laminated glass commonly used in custom cellar construction.


Whether it's a fixed panel configuration, a single door, a double door or any combination of these, everything is possible with CAVEA. The Wine Square engineers have carefully designed over 21 aluminum profiles that mix and match perfectly to provide an infinite number of layouts that meet space constraints.

CAVEA is the ideal solution when it comes to integrating a custom-made cellar into any type of space.

Left side
Right side
U Model
4 sides
Cavea - CD1
Cavea - CD2
Cavea - CD3D
Cavea - CF2A
Cavea - CD3S
Cavea - CF2B
Cavea - CF3
Cavea - CL2
Cavea - CL3
Cavea - CL4
Cavea - CR2
Cavea - CR3
Cavea - CR4
Cavea - CU3
Cavea - CU4
Cavea - CU5
Cavea - CB41
Cavea - CB52
Cavea - CB63
Cavea - CB62

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