An innovation in wine cooling

Do you have a cellar? The CUBE° LT is the cooling system that will allow you to keep your wines at the ideal temperature.


Combining aesthetics with ecology

A case with clean lines, which matches any decor, no need to fall back to hide the air conditioner. A simple and easy installation that does not require the use of refrigerant gas. Respect for the environment is an integral part of our values.

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Cube LT Water Chiller
Cube LT Water Chiller
RC4LT Diffuser
RC4LT Diffuser
Cube LT Control Box
Cube LT Control Box
Cooling system

Smooth, quiet and long-lasting

Wine cellar air conditioner CUBE°LT works using an Italian compressor that can be installed up to 100' away from the wine cellar, keeping the noise of living space. It generates a power of 400W (1400 BTU/h) of air conditioning.

This cooling system is intended for cellars that are glazed and shallow, in which the air conditioning unit is located just above the wine bottles. Its water loop cooling (in closed loop) allows air conditioning at higher temperatures (8°C compared to -4°C normally), reducing thermal shocks and drying of the air in the wine cellar. Which means for wine, better aging potential in a more humid wine cellar. Developed in 3 modules, this unit offers quick and easy installation. Whether for residential or commercial projects, the CUBE°LT lends itself to any environment.

  • Designed for both service and storage
  • "Split" type system, allowing the compressor to be installed remotely from the wine cellar
  • Easy to install, can be installed by anyone
  • Access CUBE°LT data via the mobile application
  • Installation in a mechanical room or garage
  • Environment: No refrigerant gas is used
CUBE°LT statistics

An interface monitors and records the state of the wine cellar in order to preserve the ideal temperature for storage. An alert is sent to you as soon as a problem occurs.

Connected Wine Cellar

The device's connectivity technology syncs with your computer or mobile device, allowing you to view data at any time.

Hearing comfort

A solution designed to limit the harmful effects of noise caused by traditional cooling systems thanks to its split type configuration which allows the noisiest unit to be installed up to 100' from the wine cellar.

Modular system

A solution designed in three distinct modules, making the service or replacement of one of them: easy, economical and fast. The compressor, the most stressed element of the system, is independent and easy to replace in several years when it reaches the end of its life. Cutting-edge engineering is behind the CUBE°LT.


The Cube-LT is a wine cellar cooling system made up of three modules. First, a water loop acts as a mediator between these three modules to pump heat out of the wine cellar. This same water circulates continuously in a loop between the three modules, but it should be noted that this system does not consume water and is not connected to the water supply of the building.

Then, a compressor unit, located away from the wine cellar, usually the mechanical room or the garage, constantly cools the water in the system's air conditioning loop. This water is then routed to the diffuser in the wine cellar via the control box.

The control box continuously monitors the conditions in the wine cellar and via its control algorithm, adjusts the cold water supply to the diffuser in the wine cellar.

The diffuser in the wine cellar, RC4LT, pumps the heat in the wine cellar and rejects this heat in the cold water loop which then returns to the compressor unit.

This cooling loop, like a standard system, is done without refrigerant gas (which can affect the health of the occupants of the house in the event of a leak) and at a higher temperature, thereby reducing the thermal shock to the bottles near the diffuser. In addition, this higher temperature air conditioning eliminates the drying of the air due to the compressor.

This system is therefore the most suitable for the glazed cellar on the ground floor. In this type of installation, all the bottles are close to the cooling system and are at risk of suffering from thermal shocks generated by the operation of a standard system. In addition, by having the compressor unit remote, this system does not emit noise outside the wine cellar.

A state-of-the-art system for storing wine without making noise outside the wine cellar.

*** The noise level of an air conditioning system (dB) for a wine cellar is rarely the main irritant. Like the torture of the drop of water, it is the stop/start every 10-15 minutes that pushes the owners of "through the wall" type systems to unplug, after a few months, their device. In the case of a wine cellar within the living space, ''split'' or ''ducted'' type systems are the only option to consider to stay sane.***

Components that are a guarantee of success


  1. The CUBE°LT is a split-type wine cellar cooling system. This feature allows the compressor to be moved a good distance from the wine cellar, keeping noise away from the wine cellar.
  2. Composed of a control box, a water cooler and an RC4LT diffuser, the cooling unit maintains an ambient temperature between 54°F and 64°F ​​as well as a humidity level of 50 to 80%.
  3. The solution offered by The Wine Square combines power and reliability to allow an ideal storage and tasting temperature for most red wines.

RC4LT diffuser

The RC4LT is the cooling unit located at the ceiling of the wine cellar. This is where the heat is pumped and routed to the water cooler. The diffuser makes it possible to evacuate the condensation outside the wine cellar. It requires installation at the highest point of the wine cellar.

Couleur Couleur
Couleur Couleur Couleur
Color : Matte Black
Texture : Yellow Birch natural

Water Chiller

The water chiller provides water at the temperature necessary for the correct operation of the appliance. It is a small, very robust unit that uses a refrigerant gas that is safe for your health, R290, a non-toxic refrigerant gas with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

The cooler is installed close to the control box and emits a low noise level, comparable to that of a dehumidifier. It is usually installed in a garage or mechanical room.


Control Box

The control box represents the management module of the system as a whole. It has a touch screen that allows the display and simple adjustment of the conditions of the wine cellar. Permanently connected to the Internet, this module monitors, adjusts and monitors the conditions in the wine cellar. Ecological and safe, it reuses the same water to ensure the operation of the cooling unit.


Comparison of CUBE°LT and other systems on the market

Cube LT


SPLIT System


Powerful, aesthetic and ecological

Innovative engineering packs so much quality into one product. We can compare the precision put forward by this thermoelectric device to that required by medical laboratory devices, directly at the heart of your wine cellar.

Choose a reliable device that blends harmoniously into your environment while offering performance worthy of laboratory equipment. The integration of an advanced electronic system offers you a connection accessible at all times, in addition to providing our technicians with all the data necessary for remote diagnosis.

Quiet, durable and stable

The cooling system for wine cellars CUBE°LT is a solution designed for wine cellars that are glazed and shallow. This compressor system is all about the aesthetics, connectivity and power you can count on for bottle storage. Using water loop cooling, this unit arranged in three separate modules allows easy installation and adapts to all types of buildings. The innovation that maintains temperatures reduces thermal shock as well as air drying.

Split system

The split type wine cellar cooling systems are the perfect solution for a wine cellar located in the kitchen, dining room or living room. Since the installation of the compressor is done remotely, the split system is very quiet, just like the CUBE°LT.

The split system cooled with a unit at a much lower temperature than the CUBE°LT, which can cause a thermal shock on the bottles placed near the evaporator. We do not recommend this type of system for storage, in small display type wine cellars.

Monobloc system (Self-Contained)

The Self-Contained type cooling units represent an adequate solution for a wine cellar that is installed in the basement. The compressor used in this system generates more noise, therefore it is not recommended to install it on the ground floor or very close to a bedroom.

Very affordable, the one-piece system is simple to install, especially if a drain has been provided for the reception of the condensate. Like SPLIT-type systems, avoid placing your bottles near the cooling device. This could cause a thermal shock each time the cooling system stops and starts.

Preservation of aging wine condition
Preservation of service wine temperature
Temperature stability
Connectivity and alerts at all times
Low noise
Perfect for condo installation.

						The CUBE° LT - Wall cut

Simple installation in 2 steps

Do you own a Cube LT or want to buy one? View information about installing the chiller and its components.

An innovative cooling system

Keeping your best bottles at the ideal temperature for storage and tasting is now possible. Breakage occurs? Just replace the cooling unit and you're done! Like a courtesy vehicle at a dealership, our technical teams have service units in their vehicles to maintain the air conditioning in your wine cellar while the system is being repaired at the factory.