The Wine Square

The Optimal wine cellar built by true engineers

When scientists and Wine Experts unite, they create the optimal solution to age your wine in the perfect conditions. Our research in the field of cellars and wine enables us to deliver products of excellence whose performance and design are distinguished by their precision and elegance.

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À propos

Established in 2015, The Wine Square is a Canada-based company that develops and manufactures technological solutions for wine maturing. Frustrated of being unable to find a custom wine room that could ensure appropriate wine aging conditions within a glass cellar, one that could be sustainable, reliable and efficient, we decided to invent it.

The Wine Square has invested massively in research and development to reproduce, with the help of various technologies, optimal aging conditions for your wine. We aim at delivering the same maturing condition you would find in a European Chateau.

Thanks to its exclusive technologies, The Wine Square began its market entry in North America with only one thing in mind: revolutionize the way wine is stored. Our exclusive offer is based on the most innovative cellar cooling technology and the only high-performance glass shell specifically designed for the wine cellar.

Our company is constantly searching for ways to innovate and is not afraid to push the boundaries in order to reach our goal of becoming the sole reference for wine aging.

We implement each project with rigor and professionalism while benefiting from our partner Corflex’s expertise. Corflex is an important partner that supports us with their skills in manufacturing and marketing architectural products.

With facilities in Trois-Rivières and Delson, The Wine Square manufactures, advises, installs and ensures turnkey wine cellars for its customers. During the entire sales process, our expertise allows us to offer a framework that equals our outstanding products.

The Wine Square focuses its efforts towards offering wine rooms that are both aesthetic and efficient.

Our mission is to provide wine enthusiasts aging spaces that will ensure that the value and integrity of the wine is maintained.

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The Wine Square, takes care of sales, installation and maintenance of all the wine cellar innovations we distribute

Creating a home wine cellar presents many technical challenges. The Wine Square provides the expertise of its certified engineers, ensuring perfect wine storage conditions for the years to come.

Whether you are thinking of replacing the wine cellar cooling unit or dream of a new wine room altogether, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide valuable advice to help your project become reality!

The Wine Square guarantees a professional installation that will withstand the test of time.

Our engineering experience is at your service every step of the way, from design to manufacturing and from delivery to the installation, including our after-sales service.

You’ll receive a quote within 24 hours after submitting your request.

Customized solutions for high-end projects

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The Wine Square develops and manufactures the best solutions to provide you with a quiet and reliable storage environment. Whether it is for a specific air conditioning need, a high performance glass system or a custom bottle rack, our engineering team will turn your vision into reality without compromising storage conditions.

Your inspirations, your design

Creations to match your inspirations

We pay particular attention to the elegance and performance of each of our products. Every one is the result of state-of-the-art engineering. You can count on The Wine Square to provide the best possible storage conditions while creating innovative and stylish products. Treat yourself to a wine cellar that reflects your collection.