The turnkey solution for a unique wine cellar

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your wine collection is stored in the best storage environment ever designed.
Cave à vin
Isocase + Cavea + Cube =  TWS

A custom wine cellar like you've always imagined.

The Wine Square creates the most advanced and efficient technologies on the market to ensure the optimal aging of your wines. State-of-the-art technology that allows wine aging in ideal conditions now within your reach.

Cube Cube LT

Glass System

The Cavea glass system is the custom glass wine cellar enclosure that provides the best light protection for each bottle. To date, Cavea is the only system ever developed for the sole purpose of protecting wine.

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Air Conditioning

Thanks to its highly precise temperature control and its ability to maintain the natural humidity of your wine cellar, the Cube° provides incomparable temperature stability, worthy of an actual wine cellar.

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A complete and customized offer

Design your next wine cellar using the Configurator and the 360 Offer. A fully customized wine cellar that allows you to take advantage of the latest storage technologies while simplifying the design and harmonious integration into your home. A carefully designed structure, innovative systems and a comprehensive solution to bring life to your project.

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Air Conditioning

The Cube°, the cooling solution for all wine cellars

Whether it's for storing your bottles or to bring some of them to the right temperature for tasting, The Wine Square makes the most advanced products on the market.

The Cube° is the quietest, most durable, and most accurate wine cellar cooling unit available. Control the temperature and humidity of your wine collection with the most advanced wine cellar air conditioner on the market. Its water loop cooling system cools the cellar while preventing thermal shock and condensation. Ideal for all types of rooms, the Cube° is suitable for apartments and condos, as well as large cellars.

Designed for storage wine cellars
Unmatched temperature stability
Natural humidity control
Completely silent
Connected to the internet
Designed for service wine cellars
Reduced thermal shock to the bottles
Natural humidity control
Connected to the internet with a monthly subscription.
Cube LT
Glass shell

CAVEA – A unique glass shell specially designed for the wine cellar.

Enjoy optimal storage conditions in an elegant, high-performance glass space with the CAVEA engineered glass system. Specifically designed to meet the most exacting expectations, the CAVEA system, with its insulating properties, watertightness and filters that protect against harmful light that could affect the wine, offers an unlimited number of configurations that comply with the most demanding performance standards of a wine cellar, all with a beautiful finish and a precisely thought-out design.


The unique structure of the CAVEA One system provides a full surface display without any compromise on performance. It is concealed under a discreet black silk-screen print, highlighting the purity and elegance of the glass.

The CAVEA One features a full glass front for a sleek, modern design with no visible frame.

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The traditional aluminum frame of the CAVEA A61 system is highly customizable. It can be perfectly integrated into your decor, whether it is modern or traditional. The slim and discreet 61 mm frame adds a creative touch to your design.

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Your inspirations, your design

Creations to match your inspirations

We pay particular attention to the elegance and performance of each of our products. Every one is the result of state-of-the-art engineering. You can count on The Wine Square to provide the best possible storage conditions while creating innovative and stylish products. Treat yourself to a wine cellar that reflects your collection.

The Wine Square develops and manufactures the best solutions to provide you with a quiet and reliable storage environment. Whether it is for a specific air conditioning need, a high performance glass system or a custom bottle rack, our engineering team will turn your vision into reality without compromising storage conditions.

Customized solutions for high-end projects