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The Wine Square designs and manufactures preservation solutions for high-end wine cellars.

Throughout our line of products, we aim to create an optimal environment for storing your bottles to guarantee the best possible protection for your collection.

Our software-optimized control on temperature and humidity CUBE°, combined with our highly protective transparent barrier CAVEATM, result together in the only solution for household wine cellars, regardless of the location.

Our company strives on research and development to deliver products with unprecedented performances in the most elegant of ways.

Take part in the future of your wines and make a powerful statement at first glance.

Climate control

A revolutionary cooling technology.

— The starting point for the safest storage environment

The CUBE° climate control uses pure water.
No refrigerant gases are needed.
Its constant, silent mechanism runs without a compressor.

The CUBE° exceeds the requirements for optimal aging and is the only wine cellar cooling system approved by the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.

It contains an electronic system to optimize storage conditions in your wine cellar in order to coax the maximum complexity out of your wines as they reach maturity.

Enclose the wine evolution

The ultimate glassed-in cellar

The only glassed-in shell designed for modern wine cellar

CAVEA™ is the only glassed-in shell in the world that offers exceptional storage conditions while providing an excellent view of the bottles.

CAVEA™ blocks specific wavelengths, which harms the wine, and its insulation is six times better than that of standard glass. Combining the performance of the glass with an airtight design guarantees you a constant, stable temperature that matches that in an authentic maturing cellar.

CAVEA™ has a unique integrated frame design that maximizes the glass surface and uses the advantages of insulated glass without the disadvantages of a massive, cumbersome structure.

Imagine your dream cellar and be guaranteed ultimate protection for your collection.

CAVEA, l’unique enveloppe vitrée

Alfred, your virtual sommelier

— Managing your cellar and its data

Connected to the CUBE°, ALFRED knows, analyzes and records everything that happens inside your cellar. He knows everything about your collection: exactly what is in it, what it is worth in real time, the location of each bottle, which ones are ready to drink and which ones can wait a little longer.

Alfred uses a top-of-the line algorithm to reconstitute the aging curve of all your references, based on the format of the bottle. Then an overall picture of your cellar is transposed graphically onto the app and you are carefully coached through everything you do: purchases, consumption, resale.

ALFRED also offers its users — and this is exclusive to Industriel Alliance — a guarantee covering certain defects in the wine, applicable to all bottles sold on its resale platform, the only one in Canada.

Combine all three technologies for the ultimate wine cellar.

The knowledge of yesterday. The technology of today. Better drinking for tomorrow.

Wine first

The greatest nectars are the fruit of leisurely consistency, but our modern era seems to have dragged wine along into its insane race.

The popular craze has been to make wines that originally needed a long time to mature ready to drink a younger age, to build cellars that enhance your décor more than they do your wine, to control temperatures using devices that are only somewhat suited to preserving wine…

In making this shift, people thought that controlling the temperature in this “showcase room” would provide suitable preservation conditions for wines. Science, however, demonstrates that this is not really true. An underground cellar, such as those found in Europe, really does have everything that wine needs to develop, without any mechanization of the environment :

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