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A new​ ​era​ in wine preservation.

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As quiet as a laptop, our system operates at the threshold of audibility.

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Our experts continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of your cellar.

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Can be installed anywhere : requires no drain, no duct, no refrigerant gas.

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Time that is required to locate a bottle in your Cellar Reserve through the use of unique stamps.

No more in-between! Here at the Wine Square, we take care of sales, installation and maintenance so you can enjoy your wine cellar worry-free.

One must face many technical challenges when creating a wine cellar. The Wine Square provides the expertise of its certified engineers, thus ensuring perfect storage conditions for your wines.

Whether you are thinking of replacing the cooling system or dream of a new cellar altogether, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide valuable advice to help your project become reality!

The Wine Square guarantees a professional installation that will withstand the test of time.

Our engineering experience is involved every step of the way, from design to manufacturing and from delivery to installation, including our after-sales service.

You’ll receive a quote within 24 hours after submitting your request.

Don’t wait any longer. Protect your investment TODAY!

Intelligence, Heart and Shell

Thanks to its extremely accurate temperature control and the system’s ability to maintain the wine cellar’s natural humidity, the technologies incorporated in the Cellar Reserve provide unprecedented temperature stability and are worthy of the most authentic maturing wine cellar. Working as an effective barrier against the outside environment, the Cellar Reserve’s shell provides maximum protection for every bottle stored.

Every minute, the Cellar Reserve also records a detailed history of your wine cellar. This valuable data not only attests to the stability of your wine cellar’s storing conditions, but also plays a crucial role in the remote monitoring performed by our technicians that can intervene effectively should an anomaly occur.

Furthermore, a software support containing specific information is also available. It literally knows everything about your wine collection: from its exact content, to its worth in real time, the location of every bottle, the wines that have reached their peak and those that need to mature a while longer. The Cellar Reserve takes the inventory of your wine cellar and uses it to wisely guide your choice of wine for a meal (food and wine pairing), your purchases as well as guiding you in reselling your bottles online.

By combining this with the most advanced technologies behind building a wine cellar, you are assured that the storing conditions inside your cellar are equal to those of the most prestigious châteaux. While benefiting from continuous monitoring, you also receive an updated and dynamic overview of your collection.

Drinking better while honouring your commitment to excellence

is all part of having the assurance that your bottles have been stored in the finest environment available for wine aging.


Nothing is left to chance.

The value of your wine collection highly depends on the level of risk associated with the quality of storing conditions found in your wine cellar.

A poorly insulated cellar along with a temperamental compressor has more to do with appearances rather than substance and all is made at the expense of the wine itself. Instead, choose a sustainable installation that will provide years of peace of mind, while achieving long-term savings.

Thanks to the accurate and effective traceability of the data linked to your wine cellar, the added value of our offer will translate directly into your investment: by reducing the risk associated with the quality of storing conditions found in your cellar will greatly impact the value of your collection when you decide to bequeath or dispose of it

Make the most of your wine collection’s potential value by protecting your investment today!

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