A state-of-the-art wine cellar cooling unit

Whether for storage or service, the Cube° wine cellar cooling unit is the most advanced system on the market.

Choose the model that meets your needs

Whether for storage or service, the Cube° is the ideal solution when it comes to choosing a wine cellar cooling unit. Select the model that's best for you, based on how you want to use your wine cellar.

Do you need the best aging environment for your wine collection? The Cube° is the perfect choice. The CubeLT, also very efficient for storage, is mainly designed as a service wine cellar: it ensures an optimal tasting temperature.



Cooling system

Powerful, attractive and eco-friendly.

The CubeLT wine cellar cooling unit is a compressor-based system that offers style, power and connectivity. Specially designed for shallow glass cellars where the cooling unit is located directly above the bottles. It uses a water loop cooling system to reduce thermal shock and prevent drying. This three-module unit is easy to install and perfect for residential and commercial use.

Designed for service storage
Anti-thermal shock temperature control
Constant connectivity and alerts
Installation in a mechanical room or garage
No toxic refrigerant gases


Cooling system

Quiet, durable, stable and esthetic.

So many features in a single product thanks to innovative engineering. The precision of a medical laboratory instrument in your wine cellar.

Outstanding reliability, a unit that blends harmoniously with your decor and offers laboratory-quality performance. Its advanced electronic system maintains a connection to your cellar at all times and provides our technicians all the necessary information for remote diagnosis if needed.

Perfect storage control for your wine.

  • Designed for service storage
  • Quiet
  • Temperature stability of 0.01°C
  • Connectivity and alerts at all times
  • Installation requiring no mechanical room
  • No need for construction work to conceal the device
Quiet device

The advanced engineering behind the design of the Cube° has resulted in a cooling unit that is as quiet as a computer, making it suitable for installation anywhere in the home.


E-cool - The unique wine cellar cooling technology that gives your system not only quiet, efficient performance, and, more importantly, backed by 20 years of reliability.


E-cool – Technology serving precision. Make sure you always enjoy perfect control of your wine cellar environment thanks to this system's medical-lab precision.


Thanks to its connection interface, you have access in real time to all data from the Cube°. You can set up an alert by text message or email in case of failure or simply make the necessary corrections to ensure you get the most optimal storage or service conditions.


The aesthetic quality of our systems is just as important as their performance. The noble wood casing and sleek, modern front panel blend harmoniously with any decor.


The most environmentally friendly system, using distilled water and no refrigerant gas. The perfect balance between environmental friendliness and our desire to offer the safest system possible without the use of toxic refrigerants.

The best wine cellar air cooling technology

Comparison of Cube° with other systems available on the market



SPLIT System


Quiet, durable and stable

Innovative engineering packs so much quality into one product. The precision provided by this thermoelectric device compares to that required by medical laboratory devices, and you can have it right in the heart of your wine cellar.

Choose a reliable device that blends harmoniously into your environment while offering performance worthy of laboratory equipment. The integration of an advanced electronic system offers you a connection accessible at all times, and can provide our technicians with the data necessary for remote diagnosis.

Powerful, aesthetic and ecological

The cooling system for wine cellars CubeLT is a solution designed for wine cellars that are glazed and shallow. This compressor system is all about aesthetics, connectivity and power you can count on for bottle storage. Using water loop cooling, this unit, designed as three separate modules, makes installation easy and adapts to all types of buildings. The innovation that maintains temperatures also reduces thermal shock and air drying.

Split system

The split type wine cellar cooling systems are the perfect solution for a wine cellar located in the kitchen, dining room or living room. Since the compressor is installed away from the cellar, the split system is very quiet, just like the CubeLT.

The split system is cooled with a unit at a much lower temperature than the CubeLT, which can cause a thermal shock on the bottles placed near the evaporator. We do not recommend this type of system for storage, in small display type wine cellars.

Monobloc system (Self-Contained)

The Self-Contained type cooling units represent an adequate solution for a wine cellar that is installed in the basement. The compressor used in this system generates more noise, therefore it is not recommended to install it on the ground floor or very close to a bedroom.

Very affordable, the one-piece system is simple to install, especially if a drain has been provided for the condensate. Like SPLIT-type systems, avoid placing your bottles near the cooling device. This could cause a thermal shock each time the cooling system stops and starts.

Preservation of aging wine condition
Preservation of service wine temperature
Temperature stability
Connectivity and alerts at all times
Low noise
Perfect for condo installation.

The Cube's Operating System

4-step operation

  1. The °RC extracts heat from the wine cellar and transfers it to the Cube°.
  2. The heat is channeled through two independent loops of distilled water
  3. The heat transfer occurs inside the Cube° thanks to the E-Cool technology
  4. The heat is released into the adjacent room through the °RH
The central unit of the wine cellar's air cooling system ensures a stable temperature by continuously moving heat between the cold water loop and the hot water outlet.
The cooling unit is located in the heart of the wine cellar. Connected to the Cube°, it extracts heat from the cellar to maintain the best aging conditions for your wines.
The unit removes heat inside the wine cellar and releases it outside.

Which is the right model for my project?

Two models of wine cellar cooling units are available: the Cube° is ideal for storage. It uses a continuous thermoelectric cooling technology that ensures a very stable temperature, which is conducive to wine aging. The Cube° is engineered and designed to protect the wine while simulating natural aging conditions.

The CubeLT wine cellar cooling unit is ideal for serving. Its powerful compressor technology is designed to help achieve the right tasting temperature. It operates like any other compressor with an intermittent control mode. It does not offer the stability of the Cube for storage, but remains its best alternative on the market.


Configure Your Cube°

Available in a variety of colors and textures, it's easy to harmoniously integrate the system into your decor, and even add a designer touch. The Cube° is stylish, durable and timeless.

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Color : Matte Black
Texture : Yellow Birch natural

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