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Luxury Wine Cellars in Houston

We have established local authorized dealers in Texas in order to help our customers in the area obtain the wine cellar they’ve always desired.

With the help of our exclusive technologies, The Wine Square has entered the North American market with a single goal in mind : to revolutionize and optimize wine storage conditions. We have created innovative solutions using our modern and unique cellar cooling technology combined to our specially designed glass shell to create an environment suited to protect your wine collection. 

We are continuously discovering new ways to innovate and create efficient solutions for the storage and aging of wine collections. Thanks to our facilities all over North America, The Wine Square manufactures, advises, installs and ensures turnkey luxury wine cellars for our clients.

At The Wine Square, we provide the expertise of our team of specialists and certified engineers to allow us to ensure perfect wine storage conditions for your collection. We aim to provide high quality wine cellar setups with the help of modern technologies that ensure constant and monitored environments. 

Our team at The Wine Square takes care of sales, installation and maintenance of every wine cellar technology offered; allowing you to enjoy your luxury wine cellar in Texas with complete peace of mind.

A representative is there to help you design your luxury wine cellar in Texas and give you all the information you need concerning our products and services. We will help you find the solutions that meet your needs. The Wine Square provides the expertise of our specialists and certified engineers to ensure you perfect wine storage conditions for the following years to come.

Our mission is to continue to provide ideal wine aging setups, that will ensure constant and monitored conditions to wine enthusiasts and protect their collection while creating a luxurious environment.

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