The best technologies in a single shell.

The Wine Square 360 combines all the crucial elements to create the best conditions for a perfect wine cellar. By incorporating the latest technological innovations in the field, this solution is designed to make integrating a wine cellar into a new construction or renovation project easy.

The most advanced wine cellar on the market

TWS 360 combines all of The Wine Square's technologies in a single custom-designed housing that is completely prefabricated by robots in our plant, which makes installation simple and seamless.

Cube Cube
Cube LT

The wine cellar is wholly computer designed, and each component is manufactured on digital machines in our factory to ensure accuracy. All components must pass a rigorous inspection process before being sent to the installation team. Ingenious assembly mechanisms ensure that all part fit together perfectly during installation.

This method guarantees a perfect result and reduces the installation time to a single day. Building your wine cellar doesn’t have to mean weeks of construction and dust in your home.


Whether you want one, two or three doors, one glass wall or four, this system lets you customize and configure it to your specifications.

Total Stability

A complete, sophisticated and silent system designed to maintain temperature stability in the cellar.

Protection Designed for Storage

An insulated, sealed shell that shields the wine from the damaging effects of light.

Cube°’s Statistics

The Cube° is linked to an interface that continuously monitors and records the status of your wine cellar. You will be notified as soon as a problem occurs in your system.

Connected wine cellar

By synchronizing the cellar to your computer or cell phone, you can monitor and control system conditions.

Silent Conditions

The Wine Square's solutions were developed to mitigate the usual negative effects of cooling devices.

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Insulating structure for glazed cellar

An insulating structure to maximize storage conditions.

Thanks to its airtight and insulated structure, Isocase provides all the essential features required for wine conservation and aging.

Isocase + Cavea + Cube =  TWS
Insulating structure

The only all-in-one insulating shell.

  • Fully robotic manufacturing ensures unmatched precision and impeccable finish for your wine cellar.
  • Provides the structure with perfect insulation and watertightness that translates into enhanced storage quality for your wine.
  • Compatible in every way with the Cube° and CAVEA systems, and installs in less than a day.
  • Adaptable to all finishes and configurations.
Engineered glass system

All the elegance and efficiency of glass

  • With unparalleled sophistication, the CAVEA wine cellar system combines beauty and engineered glass performance.
  • Fully customizable, CAVEA blends perfectly with any decor.
  • In addition to its R8 insulation coefficient, the glass used in the CAVEA system was engineered to offer your wine optimal protection against the harmful effects of light, whether UV or infrared.
Cooling system

The best cooling technology available

  • The ideal storage wine cellar ensures highly stable storage conditions at +/- 0.01°C.
  • A system designed to be silent and adaptable to any room.
  • Its management interface gives you the ability to monitor and modify the conservation environment remotely, wherever you are.
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Configure your wine cellar like you've always imagined.

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Architects and professionals

Serving design and architecture professionals

The Wine Square's custom wine cellars are designed to be flexible for builders and space creators. A team of experts from The Wine Square is always on hand to recommend the best solutions for your residential and commercial projects.